spaceliner? and 1941 hawthorne

Nov 20, 2014
New Mexico
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so ive become known as the bike guy in my neighborhood and i guess all the free tuneup help to the local kids my good deeds paid off. the father of one of my daughters friends hooked me up with these two finds. i believe one to be a womans spaceliner and the other is a 1941 mens skiptooth hawthorne. came from a deceased couple. they had these bikes since back in the day. the gentleman passed away and his widow put these in storage 20 years ago and now shes passed and these were inherited by my buddy and now are mine.
i put some elbow grease into cleaning them up and the condition is amazing. the womans bike is a 10 on the chrome both front and rear lights work. i was gonna sell it but my daughter fell in love with it so its hers now. the hawthorne is rad. no dents no kinks diamond skiptooth chain torrington peadals miller headlight and the seat is in perfect shape. it was a good day today :)

May 2, 2011
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The Hawthorne is always a good bike to find & the girls Space liner .Is now a great find due to the tanks sold on here to make it a really cool boys bike. Your Tail light on the space liner is a late 1960s early 1970s sissy bar light with the rear bracket missing or removed.
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