SOLD! 26" Schwinn S-7 Front Wheel

This is a Schwinn 26 X 1/34" S-7 (the odd Schwinn size) front wheel that fits many Schwinn middleweight bicycles from the 1950s-1980s, including the Typhoon, Tornado, Jaguar, Corvette, Hollywood, etc. This wheel was likely built in the 1970s or early 1980s because it has the German "Schwinn-Approved" hub made by Union. But it will still work on an older year and only a knowledgeable collector could tell the difference.

When I got the wheel, there was some heavy rust on some of the insides of the rim. I soaked the rim in oxalic acid to remove it and then painted over where the rust used to be. The outside surface of the rim has great chrome. I spent all day yesterday and part of today polishing the chrome, repacking the bearings with new Teflon bicycle bearing grease, and truing the wheel on a truing stand. It's ready to install and you don't have to spend any time detailing it!

The bad:

There is one small dent/scratch on the side of the rim. I touched up the scratch with silver paint. After I was completely done with the wheel, I noticed that the hub has a hairline crack around one of the bearing cups. Because this is always under compression, I don't see it ever causing a problem and you probably wouldn't know it was there if I didn't point it out.

I'd like $40 for the wheel plus shipping from Surprise, AZ (should be less than $30) and I'm firm on the price since I spent an entire day working on it. You're getting cheap labor and basically a free wheel.