Skunkworks Klunker FINISHED 11/28

Count me in on the buildoff. This frame is the first rat bike I've ever owned, it's gone through many different build phases so why not a klunker also? I have a question: What are the rules about using early 90's BMX/MTB parts? Are there any or is it just open to any parts you can find?

Late 50's Firestone 500 26" frame and monark springer steer tube, plan on creating a crude looking front suspension.

90's Free Spirit 24" I plan to use the wheels/back brake off of this.
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Well, here's my concept then. It's going to be in the form of a primitive downhill landspeed bike, but built as if were to come out of the Lockheed Martin "skunkworks" factory in the early 60's. The skunkworks team is responsible for the top secret aircraft such as the U2, SR71, F22 Raptor, and most of the stealth aircraft we see today. What if they were to try to build a lightning fast bicycle to fly down a mountain side in the 60's! It'll be completely flat black with just a 5 speed rear hub. The front of the handlebars where they are supposed to be clamped will be the mount of struts (either front suspension or solid) These forks are just reference, I have the main fork part of a monark springer that I will be using to create front suspension or just a wild looking solid front end. I will call it the "skunkworks klunker" hence my new avatar.

Feb 14, 2008
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steve said there ain't no rules an since this is a fun B/O, ya all are free to do whatever it takes. chop, cut, rebuild. just make it look like a klunker with wild crazy ideas. at least that's how i am reading it. go have fun an build a very kool Klunker.

Outlaw 8)
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R&D is hard at work developing an airframe capable of handling mach 3 speeds. The fuselage has been constructed to accomodate the expanding and shrinking of metal at extreme temperatures. Powerplant is uncertain at this time. The entire constuction process is top secret, this is the only photo we managed to snap before being escorted out of the skunkworks facility:


Uncle Stretch

Feb 9, 2008
Re: Skunkworks Klunker

Man it would look so cool to take another stem and put on the bottom where it would normally go ,and then attach some strut rods to that. Nice work so far.
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Your on the right track Unclestretch, I plan on using some old BMX seatpost clamps and running struts off of those. The front end is about the only thing holding me up on this build, other than finding a decent set of MTB cranks and an american bottom bracket.
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Managed to sneak back into the facility and snap a few pics. It appears the main frame is complete and ready for pilot controls to be added. I understand they are having difficulty finding tires that will perform under the extreme forces exerted during take-off and landing. Despite the setback it looks as if the prototype will be completed well under the alloted time frame.

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Another leaked photo of what appears to be the prototype tires. An odd design outside the box of conventional off-road tires, a slick type tire who's extemely soft compound will help to absorb the high speed pressure of take-off and landing. This will definitely be an awkward looking bird....
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Now that the landing gear is all buttoned up, production of the power plant is underway. It will need extensive research and developement to efficiently push the craft to Mach 3 speeds. Just one more peice of the puzzle.
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It needs to be built before the goverment cutbacks !! please for the safety of every man,woman and child, please dont let us face another day without this piece of space age technology defending the shores of this great country. Godspeed !!