Jan 30, 2012
El Lago, TX
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Here's a M2600 I stripped, polished and cleared with rustoleum....problem is it started rusting under the I recently tore it down stripped the clear, and I am in the process of will get 3 coats (sanding between coats) of European clear coat put on by a custom car painter buddy....

Apr 29, 2009
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Was gonna go klunker-style like all the cool kids, but this configuration rides so well that I think i'll keep it. I'm 6' 3, so that's why its setup so tall. Bought the bike from rusty513 and threw a slowriderz lay back seatpost on it, and sanded down and polished some old 3-piece cranks from a mid-school schwinn prostock w/ DK Iron Cross pedals. Ape hangers came off an old girls murray (brown coke bottle grips on there now). New grips and seat are from ifitsfreeitsforme. Sorry for the potato quality garage door shot; cooler pics to come.
2015-02-13_08-50-27 by justinsummers, on Flickr

Non-potato quality shot as promised.
IMG_20150216_095304 by justinsummers, on Flickr
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