SOLD Schwinn Heavy Duti Frame

Discussion in 'FOR SALE' started by bub, May 8, 2019.

  1. bub


    May 9, 2018
    Central Jersey
    Schwinn Heavy Duti frame that has been stripped and repainted. The paint is in decent shape but has some chips from wear contact. It would be easy to strip and repaint again as it’s only spray paint and spray clear. I also removed the rear rack mounts and chain guard tabs. I have the original fork available as well. Im looking for $50 plus shipping.
    55D272A7-F8FF-4EBD-8F31-7CCF5E346857.jpeg 5128C9CC-137A-4B1A-B66E-F86766AF082E.jpeg 4734A412-D9B8-44A1-BF93-EDC85E3795E9.jpeg E28E2519-8A24-4C0B-A37E-0553A7C20EA0.jpeg
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