Ro11fast or Go Home ☆finished☆

Apr 30, 2016
This is my first build off and my first build! I was recently accepted to the Air Force Officer Training School as an Intel officer which means all my prep time is now somewhat free time. I've watched my husband, Missing Link, build dozens of bikes over the years and am looking forward to picking up some more skills as I undertake my own build. The family that builds together, and all that ;)

I am starting with a '55(?) Rollfast 24" frame. I love the lines and the patina.

I'm just getting started so we'll see what this turns into! I'm super excited to be a part of this community and see what everyone else is working on too!
Apr 14, 2015
A yaha cool frame don't see the 24" much

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Apr 30, 2016
Saturday was a little welding and putting some stuff together to get an idea of where I'm heading with this build. Tried some stuff, got some ideas, have a good idea of a direction now.

I think I'm going with a 24" rear wheel with a fat tire and a 26" up front with a skinnier tire, both slicks. I found a seat in the parts pile, love the spring cup things and the patina I think I'm leaving it just metal. I got truss rods that were supposed to go on Missing Link's bike but he never was good with math and measured wrong so I got them by proxy. I welded a light mount onto the truss rod bracket but I'm still trying to decide on a light. The handlebars may stay, I like the sprocket... um, chainring, still getting the lingo down, but need to find something a little shinier.

I originally loved the patina on this frame but once I got up close and personal with it I realized it just couldn't stay so muddled. I decided to wire brush the whole thing, get it down to bare metal and go from there. I have wires coming out of my skin and metal shavings in my pores but that's what a good fancy mud mask is for ;) I loved brushing this frame down. Every layer or rust and paint has a different feel and smell and seeing it shine so pretty when I was done was a great reward. And, Happy Mother's Day to me from my sweet five year old ball of energy who entertained himself (mostly) so I could get this work done! I feel good about where I'm at and great about where this build is headed!

Apr 30, 2016
Sorry folks, I've been working on this bike, taking pictures and what not, just not posting anything. A full time job, a five year old, prepping myself for OTS, both physically and mentally (study, run, ride, read, repeat.), I'm a busy girl. So I'm going to hit you with all the my work from last two weeks or so, all at once "shock and awe" style. That was the Air Force, right?
I can't seem to figure out why these pictures came out sideways, but, okay. Maybe someone can help me out?
Anyways, the frame had some surface rust and a little old paint hanging around, so I hand sanded all the stuff the wirebrush couldn't get.
Red primer.
Safety yellow... nope.
More red primer.

Finally, satin black. But will it stay that way?
got the truss rod/ light mount bracket ready for paint along with the fork.
And once again with these sideways images, sorry, just turn your computer on it's side.:confused:
Fork, painted. Light, mounted. Everything looking good so far.
This evening our parts arrived. I got my new rear wheel, tires, tubes, and some other stuff.
Part of the reason I'm still awake and posting all this, I had to see how it all looked together.

The front wheel is a 26" with a 26x1.5" Kenda atb tire. The rear is a 24" with a 24x2.125" Sunlite Sun cruiser tire. Looks as good as I thought it would.
Hope you enjoyed 2 1/2 weeks in one post.
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