Repops Monarch springers, quality ?

Aug 21, 2013
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Looking at getting a repops 1 1/8 threadless monarch springer to upgrade a plain unicrown fork on a Dyno Ultra Glide. It appears a triple tree or schwinn style won't work with a tank, leaves me with a beehive or similiar I'd have to convert via headset or these which should be a direct fit.

Last info on here circa 2007/08 says these were not so hot. Looks like a different fork setup now, with a unicrown fork into of a biplane/type with a flat top cap.

$135 on amazon.. rather ask then pay to find out.
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Jan 13, 2007
northern calif
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Its true the first reproduction Monarch forks were junk but the newer version is built much better and having the disc caliper mount is the reason some are using them on the motorized bikes.
I've been wanting to get one myself.
Apr 18, 2015
central ohio
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The first gen repop were junk,bad welds. They had a habit of breaking while riding. They've since been better welded.

Now there are two different styles of the same fork,there's the upgraded New monarch II Springer that's all over eBay. And there's the sunlite repop you posted the link to. The sunlite has beefier tubing and just feels like a better piece when you compare the two side by side.
I also think the sunlite will accept a wider tire/wheel, so personally that's the one I'd go with. That being said I'll be honest and tell you that I don't own one, just giving you what I've learned in researching them for my own plans to buy one.
I hope this helps.

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Dec 31, 1969
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You're talking about two totally different forks here.

They still sell the forks that closely resemble the original Monark springer...that would be this one...

They've come up with a "Heavy Duty" version in the link above that is better suited for motorized bikes. As you can see though, they are pretty pricey. This is the style that originally had issues when first released.

The fork that you posted a link to up above is the Sunlite springer which was originally the Felt Abraham Linkage fork. It's quite a bit different in every way. All of the components are much bulkier and it's basically a modern day representation of the Monark springer. From my experience they seem to be built well and are relatively strong. They say they they are made from chromoly steel.
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Sep 18, 2011
New Hampshire
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I have the SunLite fork as seen on your Amazon post; it’s a 1”-threaded and a robust build, indeed!

This fork can handle a 24X3 Kenda Krusader with plenty of space leftover. The fork comes with drum brake and disk brake tabs, having said that however, spacers (washers) on the lower fork links are recommended since there is a lot of play causing some rattling; other than that, this fork not only looks good but can cope with rough patchy roads.

Yes, it is a little expensive, but you’ll get what you paid for, quality, on a well engineered fork.

SunLite Monarch fork on my 2006 Schwinn Manta-Ray
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