Official RRB Build Off 9 Finished Bike List


Double L's Steel Crank'n Vintage Rustorations
Oct 26, 2012
Anderson, Indiana
Great work Outskirts!...look forward to meeting up with you...we only live 40 miles or so apart...were you at KOKOMOTO a few days ago? anyway,,,great work! I'm sure you can help me out with my threads for next year. Thanks again for your commitment ...."Rat-on!"
MEMO TO EVERYONE: If you change the title of your build thread to add ANYTHING such as NAME - "More pics" or NAME - "Finished" or even correct a spelling error it will throw off your link in the finished bike list and cause your link not to work. It will instead send you to your profile page. I have been chasing down the cause of these gremlins since day one and needless to say it has been a headache. :banghead::headbang::comando: If your link doesn't work give me a heads up as I have no way of knowing other than going back through one by one and if you change it again it throws it off again. :crazy:

Edit your signature and put a link to your build in your signature THEN DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR BUILD NAME so when it sends people to your profile page they can just click it there. It will save me tons of work.
Sep 18, 2011
New Hampshire
Thank-You Zygotelittle . . . Appreciate the "Compliments" & for making "The 8~Ball Tracker Slacker" one of your Top 3 Votes. . .
Much Appreciated my Friend !!!
You’ve earned it, OldSkool; your bike is outstanding, my Friend!

This Build-Off has produced some exceptional builds; it wasn’t an easy task to narrow it down to the “Top 3” since there are far more than three bikes on here that would easily make any Rat proud of ownership.

I want to congratulate all of you builders; you can all hold your heads high regardless of voter outcome – well done, good luck and thank you for sharing your creative talents!
Dec 1, 2013
St. Pete, FL
Just voted... Man, my head hurts!:headbang: too many nice build!
Exactly what is at stake here, no money just bragging rights correct? Possibly some sub categories are due for the next BO?
Just seems to me there are some really sweet builds that I would hardly consider "Rat", as I tried to give that forefront consideration when voting???

Kudos to "Outskirtscustoms" and anybody else who had a finger in organizing this final chapter in BO9, great job!:rockout: