NFL Newbie from Oz?

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So not big downunder where I live but huge where most of you folk live,
I love all footballs, downunder we have four forms, Soccer, Rugby League,
Rugby Union and Australian Rules Football.

We recently on free to air TV (Not cable) started getting NFL and I'm lovin
it! Not only do we get live games but also replays and there is a great series
called America's Game where they have the history, often about teams that
made the Superbowl against all odds, always loved history and an underdog!

Don't really understand the rules as yet but getting there, so folks excuse my
newbie form but a few what will sound like silly questions.

So it seams college football is nearly as big as the NFL? What age do you
stop being a college footballer?

Is there a lower level, below NFL, where guys can still make a living?

This is a really silly one, I noticed the helmets get scratched up every game,
would they get new helmets every game or do they repair them?

So the kickers, have they got it easy or what! Do they get the big money like
the other players for doing way less?

Sorry if my questions are lame but hey I am new to all this! Is there a site
which is good and more importantly an easy way of me trying to understand
the rules?

Finally tell me which team I should go for and why?

(PS There will be more questions)
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Sep 9, 2011
Cedar rapids / Palo Iowa
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College football is very big and of course the kids do not get paid ( kinda ) if they are good players, they get free school and room and board. They can officially leave for the NFL draft after their junior year of college. ( 3rd year) Age is not really a factor in that due to circumstance such as military service and such. If a guy leaves high school and goes into the military he can go to school after service and be eligable to play.

There are different leagues of football here as well. We have many semi-pro teams and there is arena football as well. Both of these do not come even close to the pay level of the NFL. stand out players from these leagues usually are trying to get noticed and picked up by a scout for the NFL.

The helmets... I would assume get repaired but with the money that the league makes, I would not be amazed if they put on a new helmet after each play on the field :39:

NFL kickers for the most part do not make as much as the start running back or quarterback but non the less they are a very important part of the game and get paid well some as much as a couple million dollars a year.

Teams... well here in america there is only one nfl team DALLAS COWBOYS and one college team IOWA HAWKEYES :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

of course the last statement is my opinion yet extremely close to the truth haha:cool2::cool2::cool2:
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Sep 12, 2006
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Me and the wife go to Las Vegas every year for the International 7's Rugby tournament. Which we stumbled upon 5 years ago in San Diego Cal. Still don't know the rules too well, but seeing all the different countries fans was really cool. And the fact that the players seem to respect the refs!. We Americans seem to tackle really well, but playing is still in the learning stage. It needs to an Olympic sport.
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