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Guy wants $250 for this, which I think is ridiculous. He says it's pre-war and was possibly used in the military. I think it looks like a late 50s, early 60s bike. Is this worth anywhere near what he's asking? He didn't sounds like he knew what he was talking about. Maybe a Rollfast? Thanks in advance for the tips...

Sep 29, 2008
Findlay, IL
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Prewar or very early 50's. That doesn't look like the military bikes made by Westfield to me. If you could get it for $150 I think that would be fair. Gary
Dec 11, 2011
Central Ohio
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Skiptooth chain would make it late 40's-early 50's. Just a guess, but I would think military wouldn't have that much chrome on it. Around here, a bike like that would usually go for $150-$175 with a better seat and grips on the handlebars. If it wasn't a mens frame it would be more like $100.