My Gray Klunker

Hi again!
I had the itch to do a bike of this style and then I ran across this build-off.
Decided to just give one of my current bikes, My gray bike, a make-over.

I have a lead on a pre-war Roadmaster, which may be a more appropriate frame, but it's a little out of my budget for just wanting the frame.

Threw some 26x2.10s knobbys I had laying around and removed the disfunctional rack on the back.
I need some more manly pedals a cooler seat-post and seat.....and some brake upgrades....grips.

I was gonna do this anyways, so I thought I'd throw it up here for some motivation.

I need to get a copy of that Klunker vid.
Not even one comment or wise-crack.
How uninspiring.
I guess I got in late and now I've been distracted with other pressing stuff.

I got this other skip-tooth that was going to have the frame used for this, but it's a puny-esque 24".

I also now have this '62 Cosmic Flyer to work on for a friend.

The gray bike has been a great bike and who knows what it will evolve into next.
I'll remove the chain guard and the kick-stand all proper Klunker like and get some pics of it in the dirt for a money shot.

Lots of great looking Klunks happening in this build-off.
I look forward to pics of all the finished products.
I'll get a proper Klunker built in my own time frame.