Mid-Western Flyer X-16

Second year participant, First time finisher!

The build thread:


A simple bike with modern components and some classic stylings.

An easy riding eight speed with more stopping power than Superman vs. a locomotive.

Minimalist adornment that begs a second look.

And a fountain pic, because I think it has become an unspoken rule that you have one. :happy:
Thanks to all. It was a wonderful experience... My first frame with true bicycle tubing. The build-off was great motivation to keep it on-track and plug away at it little by little even when I only had an hour to spare. Of course, watching all the other builds shape up is half the fun.
It's also interesting to see how my own vision drifted through the months as certain realities of construction, ability, and deadline exerted their influence. I didn't get all the things done to it that I would have liked, but who does? (ok, I can think of a few folks...) I'm happy with the end result, and my wife has a crush on it! :inlove: Looking forward to many miles of smiles in the saddle. :)