Micargi Royal Dutch

Jun 20, 2019
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Hello folks,
Pictured is my 6th attempt at electric motivation. Started with a Micargi Royal Dutch Bike. Replaced the 26 by 4 tires with 26 by 3s. Used the Micargi 3" wheel on the front and a new 4" wheel on back. These changes (lower profile tire and wheel setup) lowered the rear 1". I then shortened the forks by 2"s to level the bike out. Added disk brakes front and rear, changed the seat and handlebars. Adapted a 1300 watt/52 volt electric rear geared hub motor kit and ran the wiring through the frame. Finished it off with a little pin striping. It rides great!

This was my latest build. I've done 5 electric trikes I will be featuring in the near future. Hope you enjoy.
Jul 6, 2017
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I LOVE IT! I'm def going to get bigger tires as well... hitting bumps at 25-27mph isn't to fun lol. And getting the springer fork to work was a big time killer. And i may change my handle bars because the grip has my wrists at a little bit of an angle and hard to squeeze tight at higher speeds.

I'm thinking of making a trike next to haul all the crap to the beach..

https://www.bikemania.biz/tririder-fat-tire-fat-trike-disc-brake-4-tires.html or a sun trike fat wheel.

Your bike is killer! I can't wait till i have time to clean mine up like yours!
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