Mean Streak

Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
Well, is it a muscle bike or not?
It meets two out of the rules and I would add has a tough stance including pedal parking. Now, I did create it from the bones of a Long BMX, which in turn I created with the tubes from a couple of old ten speeds. But the look is there I think. If I was a banana seat guy, one would be right at home on it. It can also be reset as the original build, a 20" tired BMX, as well as a third option that will probably be the long term look, a 26" tired cruiser. But here it at a "fixed point in time" 01/27/2020 You can see the short build thread >>>HERE.<<<

This was the starting point VVV The first order was to modify the frame. I wanted a laid back seat and the BB needed to slide forward a bit. I cut the seat stays where they butted into the original seat post tube and spread them to move along side the seat post tube. Extending them created a kind of a cantilever look but also echoed the chain stays angle. An idler was created to get the chainline clean and I wasn't using the old BB anyway... So here it is, a muscle bike driven by a two speed kickback hub. Quicker and badder than the sum of it's parts, Mean Streak.

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