(MBBO#05 Class 2) Flashback GT - Done!


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Jan 15, 2016
So how does riding it feel? Did your design work layout well? It looks slick, sick and quick. But do you think you'll be riding it or hanging it on the wall...

Been looking forward to seeing this done since you posted that first teaser/photoshop pic before the build-off!
You did not disappoint! :thumbsup:

One of the cleanest & well thought out blue printed & built from scratch bikes I've seen . Very creative idea came to life .
Awesome work

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Thanks, really appreciate the comments.

Haha... won't be hanging on the wall!

Rides pretty well. It's a little heavy I suppose for a small bike, about 40 pounds. The steering is nimble (or twitchy depending on your perspective). As I was finalizing the design proportions I transferred the distances between the crank - seat - handlebars and the head angle from an existing bike. An ugly Frankenstein of a 20" kids bike that I can chop, re-chop, move things around and take for a spin around the block to see how it feels. Ride turned out close to what I was expecting. It is a harsh ride though. No padding on the seat and 65 psi doesn't do much to smooth out any kind of bumps. It does confirm that the stiffening added to the frame worked though! It's quick off the start but runs out of steam real fast. I plan to eventually switch out the wheels to the mag ones. These have a max psi of 45 and the rear sprocket is a little smaller than what's on there now. That should fix some of the harshness and add to the top end a little.