Mad Hammer... Better late than never

Ok... So I am going to try my hand at a build off bike. It just so happens that this will also be the bike I enter in the Seattle Renagade Muscle build off so I am going to hold some of the photos and info till the end of Aug so if the other team doesnt know what Im up too.... I know that makes for a bit less fun here but and I know its not truly in the spirit of the RRBB3 but I only have time to build one bike.. So its got too do double duty. I wanted to start a thread and post a frame pic so I was more of less complying with the RRBB rules...

So here is the frame I'm starting with. A late 90's Dyno Glide Delux

Its got classic lines and is a bit more sexy than most cantilever frames in my opinion

The bike will be called “Mad Hammer” and will be a psycho- cross that will look something like what Mad Max would own if he were a Rockabilly punk. The plan is to try and build a “Dual Spring” bike with a real steampunk feel. Its going to be a bit tricky to get the rear rocker/springer to function without modifying the frame so if it turns out to be too complex we will focus on a one of a kind springer for the front. It will have lots of copper and hand forged parts
My hope is to having nothing on the bike (other than the frame and wheels of course) that is factory produced. I got a plan for the seat, bars, tanks and I am are still trying to figure out how to build the crank, pedals and some other bits…

Also this bike will be donated at the end of the build off to "Kids at risk" and auctioned off after the Seattle show. The proceeds going to there foundation
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Jul 27, 2008
Columbus, OH
MonsterMetal said:
The bike will be called “Mad Hammer” and will be a psycho- cross that will look something like what Mad Max would own if he were a Rockabilly punk. The plan is to try and build a “Dual Spring” bike with a real steampunk feel.
Can't wait to see it!
Ok... So not much accoplished today. Got the frame stripped and a couple of tabs cut off...

Feb 14, 2008
larry, i'll try an get down thur. i want you to see the front end, maybe you can build it for this bike. it is nothing that has been done in the bicycle world. also the seat system is very kool. i'll call ya thur. morn.

Outlaw 8)
I got chewed on by the Seattle build off head.. Said I need to keep this under wraps to "build Suspense" So I'll still be taking lots of build pics but wont put everything up till the end of the month...

Sorry guys...
Feb 18, 2007
Seattle Wa.
Thank's Mad Hammer
I was looking at pic's and go a head and post the one with Renagade Muscle girl's and your build team with the flame's, It's a realy cool picture I'm not sure if you got one of them but I'll send you a copy.
Out law is going to post your pic's as we get them, starting tomorow, I'm hoping.
So your build is really coming along, and hope all the Rat Rodder's will really love your build.
Good Job.
Renagade Muscle.
Feb 14, 2008
tell ya what guys. i been to the shop, i have seen his bikes. wow, let me tell ya, Larry knows what he is doing.he's got everything there that we would all die for. Mad Hammer is going to be awsome. there is nothing like it out there. so look for it on bike builds as i will be posting this bike an the other bike there.

Outlaw 8)
Ok... So I am going to post some old build pics... Stuff that Outlaw already put up and explain it a bit... And some new stuff...

Only a week left so I figure its now or never right??

Also Just let me say that there have been some concerns over my shaving off the drop outs. I really didn't have any intention of breaking the rules, My understanding was that you could not alter the frame itself or its geometry. To me the drop outs where just another bracket I don't want to upset anyone and If there where more than a handful of people who think what I have done is blatantly against the build off rules I will bow out. Its all about having fun and I don't want to cause any drama...

I think the crescent shaped leaf spring in the springer is a first.. Ive never seen another like it and am really pleased with how it works and looks. It was a booger to forge a truck spring down to this shape, took the better part of an afternoon just to get the spring right.

So here is about where the other pics left off.

The front springer is pretty well done and the rear swings but I had yet to work out all the details. At this point I hadnt figured out how to keep a chain on the sucker and was getting a little worried Id bitten off more than I could chew..

The key was a jack shaft that got the chain coming in closer to the pivot point. I used a BMX bottom bracket with sealed bearings (its what I had kicking around) machined a axle and fit two Surly 18 tooth fixed gear sprockets.. and I am getting close. Now the chain only needs to grow about an inch instead of the 3 when it was direct from the chain ring...

I liked the look of this BMX three piece crank but the chain ring is way to small and the 175MM crank arms to long...

Next I started trying to figure out a seat... I wanted to do copper but all I had is some 1/8' sheet.. Hand forming 1/8" is a bit tougher than what Id hoped for... But anyway..

First couple passes with the hammer...

Starting to take shape..

Time for a frame...


And riveted in place...

Not as symmetrical as I would like but that heavy copper wore me out.. About 6 hours work in the seat...

Now for brackets..

It hinges off the same bolt as the rear springer spring..

And the seat in place.... You cant really see it in this pic but I machined a cool little stainless spike that is part of the bracket under the seat...

Idler and drive side of the sprocket, Went to a crank from a 20" Schwinn fast back stingray and chain ring from a Typhoon.. geared way better and still looks cool. Notice the left side drive and crossover..

Headlight with built in gen set hard mounted to springer...

And I spent about 16 hours today building handle bars. They are styled after a late teens Indian factory boardtrack bike with the struts to keep the bars straight. I didnt want to lock the bars like they did so my struts return to the headset.

Its hard to tell from those photos but all the open ends of the tube got cool little machined stainless plugs and the strut fittings are machined stainless...

So anyway.. That's about where I am .... I had said when I started this was going to be a steampunk/mad max rockabilly ride... So far I think its living up... I will be glad when she is done. I figure Im someplace around 150 hours into her at this point.... Its all those little detail things.. One off this and one off that...

So? be kind.. This is my first build off bike and I really dont know what Im doing.. Im just a dumb welder that likes bikes.....
Oct 1, 2006
York England
You built that and don't know what you are doing????????!

Heaven knows what you'll come up with when you do know what you are doing. What an outstanding bike. And what an achievement considering all of your other 'distractions'! :mrgreen:
Well I am a fast learner. :? I am concerned about paint. Painting and especially paint design/graphics is not my strong point. I know that with a poor color choice and crappy paint all the cool fabrication will be pointless. I really like the look of the bare steel but it looks a little to unfinished. Id like to figure out some color scheme and get her pinstriped in a 50's style
Nov 18, 2007
MonsterMetal said:
So? be kind.. This is my first build off bike and I really dont know what Im doing.. Im just a dumb welder that likes bikes.....
HUH????.....It's a good thing you don't like airplanes!...Or do you? I'd like to see what your fabrication skills could do there! :lol: .......Very, very "inventive"! ..NICE