Lots of registered members, but how many active members?

Jan 1, 2009
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howdy im here a lotsa lot :p :p :shock: Well, I'm your Vitavigavegivat Girl. Are you tired, run down, listless? Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular
Jan 30, 2009
Folsom, CA
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been on here nearly every day since i joined. i try not to post "too" much, and be a bother :?
starting new project soon....... but the sun is out, and now it's MX season for me :mrgreen:
Jan 7, 2008
Bloomington, In
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I consider myself an active member, but I do not have that many posts. I like it here. I mostly collect Schwinns but I love the work that goes on here. I have sold a few bikes and parts but I know a lots of users here from the bike hobby. FRANKLY, ratrod or not this is the best bike site on the web! :mrgreen:

Jul 31, 2008
Newton, North Carolina
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I usually pop in every evening, and catch up with a couple sections. Bike Talk, Gallery, and Fresh Finds today, others tomorrow, there are so many postings, it would just take too long at once!! Might as well throw in a bike pic, one that shall remain original.... ~Adam
Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
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I spend too much time here, I should be out in the garage working on a bike.

Sep 1, 2006
So. Florida
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My $.02...
I've been hangin' here since Steve started the site. (Check my position in the "members" list)

Don't know what you call active, but if it means frequent postings, I guess I'm not. If it means frequent reading, well, I spend WAY too much time sittin' in front of this stupid 'puter.

I've encountered some very nice people here, seen some interesting things built, bought,traded, and so on. Great site, good place (due to the moderators keepin' it clean), that is not one of those sites you get embarrassed by when someone asks what you're lookin' at! Nice, whole family place..

I only wish I spent as much time workin' on the bikes as I do readin' all of this! But ... I guess that will happen in the not too distant future. My shed will be here within the next few weeks, and then I will be able to walk in and pick up on where I left off with something instead of having to go to one of four places to find this piece or that part.. That has kind of stopped me as it takes SOOOO long to find stuff, and to move things around to be able to get the stand out, the tools are in two places. (sorry... rambling on there..)

Anyway, Thats the deal for me. In here often, I guess the most fun is in the realisation that there are other people out there just as crazy (if not more so) than I am.

I also find it funny how many of us have canine and feline assistants...

Back to the lurkin',
Rat Royale
REC Elsewhere
Sep 13, 2007
Northeast Alabama
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This is the only forum that I've ever had more than 20+ post's. Just about all of my photobucket account is used for this site. Lately, my day job has been getting in the way of working on bikes but this is still the only site I ever frequent. I think this is one of the neatest sites on the web! Thanks Steve!!!

Jul 12, 2008
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Still alive and kicking!
Oct 26, 2008
yreka, "state of jefferson"
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roadmaster here! definatly active, but don't make it on everyday cuz the wife does alot of working on her novel on the computer. this summer i'm gonna get my computer a new networking card and split into the connection so i can get here and everywhere else on my own computer, not just hers. but as they say... a happy wife is a happy life. :wink:

heres a few of my rides. enjoy!

99' cranbrook cruiser ss. my most recent project bike. fast, solid and quiet.

59-60 roadmaster (prob skyrider) cruiser. last falls buildup. one of my fav's.