I am building a shed at camp and got no more time to work on the Jukadi. I have been riding it hard and everything is cool except the front brake. I want to put a cam on it to see if I can get more travel on the cable, but that will be after the BOTEN. I would not recommend making a coaster into a front brake, regardless of what others say, it just doesn't work that well, so far and I don't think it will. Every time you mechanically double the cable pull distance you loose half the force and coasters need a lot of force as well as distance. It only helps slow you on a flat turn, does nothing on a hill. Here it is. Bendix mechanical 2 speed, gender bender, welded with car batteries, cross country race bike.

Oct 9, 2014
Bangor, ME
Loved watching this build! Learned lots about battery welding, and yoopers! Culture! Yay!

Excellent finished bike! Looks like a hoot to ride. Glad to know youre out there giving it the business on the trails.
:praise: great job!
I don't feel this was a great job, after last evenings 10 mile single track beat/test. It was the most fun of any trail bike I had to ride. It shifts like a dream. I put on a Gigant front drum brake and 32 x 19 gearing. Everything was dialed in. I took it for an extremely rough fast trail ride and the frame broke. I am $200 away from saving up enough for a real welder. My plan as of today is to strip the parts off Jukadi and put them on a 1950s Columbia. When I get my welder I will re weld all the joints, but that won't be until this winter.
New drum brake to replace the red band coaster setup:

Frame weld failure. The seat post is tall and there is a lot of torque and flex on high banked corners. It finally broke on a rough section of slab scree and exposed bed rock stairs, but I had already gone through a lot of other sections like this before it finally broke:

Bike I will use for a donor frame for the Jukadi parts. The Jukadi will be no more for now.
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Apr 15, 2015
A pro welder told me that I shouldn't have gone over the stick welds several times as this drives all the slag and impurities into the weld and makes it brittle. Instead of my intended strengthening of the welds, I just made them weaker. So much to learn.
Thanks for being honest with us on here! Always good to learn from mistakes. Still cool you welded it together yourself and it lasted a little while. Can't wait to see it after it is fixed.
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