Apr 28, 2019
Warsaw PL

A (probably) 1984 Romet Jubilat folding bike, that I traded for a bunch of parts.

Features & parts included in the build:

- Romet Jubilat frame, chemically stripped from most of the brushed on paint layers. Headtube shortened for the new fork.
- 26" wheel springer fork, recycled from a broken MTB.
- Front wheel with black spoked, original Stomil tire (20x1.75), and chromed rim.
- Rear wheel with the originally deteriorated chrome rim, Sachs Dreigang 3spd coaster brake hub & the widest 24" tire I could get in Poland IRC MTB Super-8 (24x2.125).
- Original Romet front brake, mounted to V-brake pivots & Tektro V-Brake handle.
- Mini Apes from old Romet children bikes with Romet grips.
- Rebuild VP Platform pedals.
- New Shimano NX40 chain made from leftovers (shortening new chains for other bikes)
- Rare Romet chainguard aka. "The Pistolgrip"
- Sachs Dreigang thumbshifter mounted on the sissybar.
- Sissybar made from 2 pieces of 16mm chromed railing.
- Custom made Banana Seat from a piece of K2 ski.
- Custom LED lights powered by two 18650 batteries hidden inside the frame.

How I got it:

Some pictures from the build:

Jubilee was made in my free time at my workshop Alle Jazda - Bicycle, Ski & Snowboard. Shop & Service - https://www.facebook.com/AlleJazdaWawPL/

P.S. On the first picture you can actually see a... swamp just next to a busy, city street, next to my Bosses home.... :21: And olso how "winter" looks in Poland right now...
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