RRBBO13 J.C. Special / Sharkruiser

Jun 5, 2012
Not much to report from the weekend
had mechanical problems with my person vehicle so focused working on that

I did however narrow down my choices on a sprocket / chainring
Duchess got me thinking
about maybe having the sprocket be the turbo/supercharger of the indy motor
since the offys and novi engines had forced induction

I also happen to have the smaller part (44t) of a murray x2 turbo gear sprocket

the chainring on the right is a smaller version (44t) of the chainring that was originally connected to the Murray turbo sprocket
So i will be using one of these two

below is the bike where the larger (52t) chainring was used
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Jun 5, 2012
Hit some snags this last few weeks but I am back on track
first issue was I couldnt find an affordable spider to fit the uni directional chainring
almost went with the boring solid murray chainring
But found a disc that will work for now

Also had to straighten the frame so that has held me off from painting
but I did at least get some spray can pearl on the fender and guards

I didn't have enough so i need to put another coat on
but it has been unusually humid so the process is a lot slower
at least I didn't have to prep the metal too much
since I am going for a long lost indy car look
besides its a ratrod
it doesn't need to be too pretty
Jun 5, 2012
I haven't forgot about sharkruiser either
but I have hit just as many snags on that project also

I did trim the "Nostril" area

The one big problem i discovered was the stem I wanted to use was for a 1 1/8 fork
so i needed a new solution
ended up separating it in the middle
but I needed a new stem for the fork

I had two bmx styles in my stash
one was narrow enough but to tall
the other was too wide but low enough

Ended up with the middle one that i also found at the local bike swap meet
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Jun 5, 2012
got some of the metalcrafters base silver and metallic red spray cans
to do the frame

Also did some trim painting on other parts but had some issues so no pics yet

BTW yes KF the pearl i used was Pearl Mist rustoleum
I just couldnt remember the name when i wrote the last post
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Jun 5, 2012
I didnt get nearly as many photos at the end of this build as I would have liked
The pearl mist spray paint ended up causing me to fall quite behind
to make the paint job work I had to use a lot less of the pearl and more of the metalcast cround coat silver

Which turned out to work well since I was also using the red anodizing color

The only two other progress shots I got was changing the seat springs
I wanted the rear spring to match the front spring and I had a hairpin base that fit one of my older seats
original spring base on the right

also wanted to show the #13 on the murray crank arm I used

I was also planing to use some model car decals on the bike but they didnt arrive in time

See completed bike bike here