I Knew Someone Must Have Made One of These . . .

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Sorry to choose this forum section. It seems like we have a lot of pedal car chatter on here but no dedicated place. Apologies for a four wheel thread.

The So- Cal Speed Shop "Belly Tanker," is one of the most iconic hotrods ever built (And I am a person who thinks "Iconic" is over used). I thought what a cool pedal car project that would make. A quick Google search verified the deed had already been done, (Well at least they got close).
001 (4).JPG

Here is a brief ad about the pedal car The kind of close pedal car

Here is a article about the actual historic racer The "Belly Tanker"
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Jul 25, 2009
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I remember riding one as a kid. that rear steering can get away from you at speed and dump you pretty quick!