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Discussion in 'HOW TO' started by Rat Rod, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. Rat Rod

    Rat Rod Owner & Founder Head Honcho Moderator

    Dec 31, 1969
    Here's a quick write up on how to get your photos to display in the body of your messages.

    1. Your photos must be stored on an image hosting site somewhere. Your best bet is to set up a free account at http://www.photobucket.com.

    2. Once you have set up an account, upload your images and then you should see a page with all of the thumbnail images showing what you just uploaded. When you run your cursor over one of the thumbnail images you will see the code options appear.


    3. The next step is to copy the "IMG Code" from below the image that you want to display in your post. You should right click within the form field shown below and select "Copy."



    3. Now that you have copied the code you will need go to your forum post here and then right click within the post that you are creating and select "Paste" to paste the code into the location that you want the image to appear. The pasted code should look like this:


    If done correctly, your image will appear in the body of your message like this:


    To post pics here from a Flickr-account you go to the pic you want, click on 'all sizes' (above the pic). Then you select a size (I prefer 'medium').
    Then go to the bottom where it says "Grab the photo's URL". Copy that (command/c or Apple/c), go to place where you want the pic to appear, click IMG, paste (command/v or Apple/v) and click IMG again. Done.
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