Hi from Atlantic beach Florida

Oct 23, 2020
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I’m from Atlantic beach Florida. I’m a surfboard builder and get around town by cruiser bike a lot, so my primary focus is functional simple beach cruisers.

Current build is a typical mango frame and crank with some weird unidentified fork. Wheels and polished 3 speed hub from a Felt cruiser, a polished GT stem and some mild ape hangers. Random leather seat.

I put it together from a random pile of parts, mostly pulled from the curb. Went through all the bearings and wear parts. I have $20 into this bike. It’s not fancy or collectible, but it looks decent enough, gets me to to beach with a board, and won’t kill me if it gets stolen (which happens A LOT here)

I’ll be stripping this bike down completely very soon. My neighbor just got a 250 gallon hydro dip tank and I’m going to let him practice on it.

Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
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Welcome aboard! Your area was my neighborhood from 2008 to 2013. I did a lot of riding there at Neptune Beach and Mayport area. Hanna Park has a lot of good trails too.

I think you have the right forks for your bike, they are just turned around after being bent backward. As long as they aren't cracked, you're good to go. When you strip it down, check the crown area for stress fractures.
Jul 11, 2020
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cool bike!