Hey Cman!or guy's in his area..

Aug 16, 2007
Klamath Falls,OR
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This summer there should be alot of F-15 activity around your skys and Air Base. Here in Klamath is the last pilot training bases in the US. It's a great plane to see in action but it's active duty is waneing.From April-Oct they are repaving the main runway here so operation's are being transferd to Boise.We'll miss them and the quiet may be unerveing but hope you guy's in that area enjoy the show! :wink:


Dec 4, 2006
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They are basing them in Boise or at Mountain Home Airforce Base. I guess when they paved Mtn Home a couple of years ago, they did the same. It is pretty cool right across the Main terminal is the Idaho National Guard with some cool helicopters and cargo planes.
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