Here we go again

May 18, 2020
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Greetings. I'm an oldster has been into bikes on and off my whole life. A couple of years back I sold off my pile of bikes and bought a Salsa Warbird which is my favorite bike I have ever owned. The Warbird has a couple faults though. One being that it eats up real estate pretty quickly making short trails no fun. The other being that I don't want to risk losing it to thieves so I don't take it anywhere that would require locking and leaving it. To fill them voids I went beater bike shopping and found an 84-85 Schwinn Heavy Duti (Schwiant) that I brought home. I stripped it down and built it up BMXish style. Heh-heh, fun. That led to buying a '47 JC Higgins that's getting the treatment now. I might enter the Higgins in the build off as an also ran. I can't seem to stay away from Craigslist looking for potential so as the title says, here we go again.