hello from Tampa FL

Dec 13, 2020
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My Mother gave me her Electra Townie 7. I want to mod it a little - the stock bars don't work for me. So I want to get either apes or mini apes. And a different seat, maybe a real vintage looking brown leather one with springs.
Also, different grips, which I'd love to get from the custom motorcycle site Biltwell. They have some cool and comfortable 7/8" grips. But....due to Covid layoff that's all got to wait...so I feel lucky just to have the Townie - it looks decent, no fenders and it's black, so it doesn't scream "MOM BIKE!!!!!" lol, maybe it does. Also I have a 1966 Schwinn Slik Chik that needs pretty much work. So I'm an old Chik, btw. 61. but i'm cool.... hahahaha..... later
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