Helen A. Handbasket

Feb 14, 2008
Minneapolis, MN
Retro Huffy ladies coaster cruiser spraybombed black and headed for a dark future.

Looking to start off with a new image and a couple modifications, she enrolls in the witness protection program and transforms into a racey red number pushing the boundaries. Branding a name that let's others know she means business, she becomes Helen A. Handbasket.

With this bike costing me nothing, I tried to keep it so. Using parts like the basket and ape hangers I already had, the checkered tape, a fathers day gift, the knobby whitewalls I got from a guy who bought bikes and was tossing them because they were cracking, yet functional. I always have red spraypaint. A little name info.... I almost called her heck N. Ready. Nothing to her compaired to the talent I've seen. Pretty easy build.

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