Hawthorn Tank Bike

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  1. BScubed


    Jul 12, 2015
    Just got this from a friend. Been wanting to make a klunker and am thinking of using the frame. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't worth beaucoup bucks before I do that. I'm muscle bike guy so I don't really know the tank stuff. I'm guessing it's pretty run of the mill tank bike but I dunno. Any advice on what parts might be worth if I part it out would be most helpful.

    -Bob IMG_1447.jpg IMG_1449.jpg IMG_1452.jpg IMG_1453.jpg IMG_1454.jpg IMG_1455.jpg
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  2. Phil Fink

    Phil Fink

    Oct 5, 2015
    Kalifornia / Toes Beach
    Using the generator on the klunker would be probably be okay.
    Some might say that making a klunker out of any muscles bike might be preferred over "improving" any mostly complete tank bike.
    Maybe an exception in this case, sure looks odd; might be one of the last tank bikes; Snyder built. I like it better than the "space" look.
    Rollfast.jpg hawthorne.jpg
  3. Wildcat


    Jan 21, 2009
    Mililani, Hawaii
    I would leave this bike like it is and get another bike for a klunker. It's all there down to the original wheels and pedals.
    But the bare frame would make a cool klunker. I would save everything in a safe place and use the bare frame as the base for the klunker. It will need a heavier fork and stronger wheels anyway. Seat and handlebars too. A 3 piece crank conversion would be good too. Something along these lines:


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