Green Monster

Ok, camera's acting up.

This is a picture of the Huffy in happier times, before I got a certain Spacerliner for my wife. Used the wheels, fenders, seat and cranks to build a bike for my father-in-law, only the frame and original forks survived...

Ok, so I got the camera going now :)

Here are the parts I have to work with so far.

60's Huffy frame
90's Panaracer Smoke tires (they used to be white about 10+ years ago - dirty cream now)
WTB Dual Duty front wheel
Shimano Nexus 8 w/ roller brake rear laced into a Mavic 325 rim
Suntour XC Pro crank set (I've got a BB conversion kit on order so I can use a modern BB)

I still need quite a few parts before I can start building tho. I have a line on a suspension fork with a 1" head-tube that has front disc mounts, hopefully it's not in too bad a shape. Still have to find a nice set of BMX bars and a longer seatpost. Still trying to decide if I'm going to use the chainguard or not...
OK, It's been really crazy at home and work so I haven't really had time to work on the Green Monster for a while. I really wanted to paint the forks at least to match the frame but the weather has either been too cold or too wet (when it's not snowing that is) and I don't have anywhere inside I can use a rattle can.

Got my bottom bracket and headset converter from Ebay last week so I through them on and started to run the cables. I didn't like the messy look so I decided to run the brake and gear cable through the down tube and out of the bottom bracket shell. There is just enough room to run them past the sealed bottom bracket and still have them work correctly.

I managed to find a fork with a 1" threaded steerer tube and a disk-brake mount off a 1980's - 1990's donor bike that had a trashed frame. The bearing rings in the headset were too small so I had to find some bigger ones in my box o' tricks and hand pack them.

Had trouble finding a long seat post again, same as the 'Gas Pipe' build so I did another gas fitting laid-back seat post again. This one fits a lot better as I didn't have to sand the main tube to fit inside the frame. Lots o' metal epoxy and a large pipe-wrench to ensure it doesn't come apart on the trails :)

Put the bike together this morning and took it for a quick spin to the store. It's pretty comfortable with the laid-back seat for a 6'2" guy. The bike itself handles the off-road pretty well considering it has such a long wheel base with the new forks. The internal 8 speed works well on hills with the smaller ring up front. Can't wait until the snow comes for real so I can give her a real test...