Good luck to everyone!!!

Aug 14, 2019
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I hope you all had as much fun as I did participating it RRBO 15. I had a blast (minus a very frustrating last couple of days) building my trike and sharing it with you.

I know I didn't post as much as I should have on other peoples builds, but I really enjoyed watching all these creative minds and skilled hands at work.

Good luck to everyone who finished their bikes. Voting is going to be hard with so many cool bikes!!!!!
May 6, 2020
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Gotta say these last few months have flown by , I've not commented loads as I've been so busy building myself . But wow some of the innovation and camaraderie going on here is something to behold . Here's to all the ones that nudged me along the way , I hope I've done the same . Here's to all those cuts grazes pinches and burns we all got on our journey , and here's to everyone that made it to the deadline, and those that didn't but gave it their best shot . You all made this a special thing to be part of . Lastly the bikes , what can I say lots of top drawer builds to be proud of .
Good luck everyone , see you on the other side
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I want to thank all of you for a fun time in my first build off and as a newer member I have learned a tremendous amount. Everywhere I look on this forum there are creative ideas and techniques.
I started building my entry as something to do while laid off work. It was great getting weekly unemployment and the extra amount from the gov't. The week before the extra money from the gov't was to end I got a new job! Somebody's watching out for me.
While out of work I built or repaired 12 bikes, sold 8 of them, keeping 3 of them (at least for a while). Made significant improvements to my Ashtabula go-anywhere bike. Repaired 5 bikes for family and friends. And I have two more project bikes on the back burner.