RRBBO13 Garry The Leprechaun Strandie

Dec 12, 2012
Some more parts shots
Westwood rims nos and correct for this bike
Sachs Torpedo 2 speed hub
High flange hub on front not sure who makes it but heavy duty
Unknown butterfly bear traps (anybody know what they are ?)
Old school bmx stem
Bars are still up in the air have S&M slam bars on it but also have a set of moto bars that I'm leaning towards .
Dec 12, 2012
Paint is a Mazda color spirited green .
I had the rattle cans made up at a auto parts supplier they where a little pricey but worth it
as they spray on great .
It is as close as I could get to the old CCM Mustang color .
The CCM muscle bikes had a silver undercoat and I think a candy color over top .
I redid a CCM charger once and even though it was a black bike it had the silver under coat as well .
Dec 12, 2012
Bike is finished just gotta shoot some good photos
Here is the only gizmo on the bike .
I needed to put on a reflector and have a set of these old hologram muscle bike ones .
Very hard to photo these but gave it a shot .
Its a bat and depending on the angle you are looking at the wings flap and looks like its flying at you .
Dec 12, 2012
Tried a fountain shot still couldn't get the color right .
As I was wheeling up to the fountain a beautiful tall brunette supermodel had just finished shooting some photos.
She was wearing a sequinned Green dress .
I tried boys and girls but she didn't want to be in the shot .
I saw her later and thanked her for not being in the shot as no one would have noticed the bike .