F/S - 1964 Lime Schwinn Sting Ray

Aug 21, 2008
Southeastern Wisconsin
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$1550 - This June '64 isn't a show stopper, but overall pretty decent shape. Most chrome is bright + shiny throughout w/ some typical scratches /wear , but no heavy rust/pitting. The original lime paint is still bright, but has some light touchups...definitely not overdone. Top bar has been rescreened w/ added patina, but new owner can easily wipe to add decals or ? The original Persons solo polo is still good shape , but has nose split. Both wheels are center stamped + the chainguard is 100% original. The fork /bars are '65. We all know this is a poor time to list a bike like this, but figure why not.........I'm in no rush to sell!!!!!!!!!! There might be a guy out there who after bustin butt all year, knows he deserves something other than a tie? Message me at mludwig5@sbcglobal.net for more info/pics. UPDATE: Should anyone have interest, I'll require a USPS money order as payment. Could also consider short period "hold" w/ a deposit.


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