electric conversion on and electra indy 3i

Mar 10, 2011
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any one converted a electra crusier,indy,flyin sue,etc to and eletric,i cant get to mine right now to measure the bottom bracket,i was thinking a bafang but it sounds like te only work when the bike has a press fit bottom bracket bearing/crank set up,thanks
Feb 20, 2018
Germany, Leverkusen
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Bafang is designed to be installed in BSA BB.
I assume you have BB30 ameican standard. If that is the case you need the eccentric adapters from Luna Cycle:

You need to remove the bb cups too. Instalation is as simple as it can possibly be.
What you need to know is that with Bafang you lose the coaster brake, so you'd need another brake option. You could however opt for a TSDZ2 which has a coaster brake compatible version.
Have fun. :)
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