Mar 28, 2011
Norfolk Va
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Who knows what about the Derby? Thinking Murray or Elgin (big difference between the two manufacturers)...but they had similar chainring at one time.
So first, does this appear to be a Murray or Elgin frame?...I'm guessing early Murray.

Second, I can't seem to find any info on the base Derby that tells me much.
Anyone hear have info on the Derby.

Finally, I'm guessing ( no serial number yet from the.owner....says he can't find one) from the attributes of the style tank, truss rods, seat, and the dropstand with frame might be early postwar or earlier. Say 40s.

You thoughts please and any idea on value as I don't want to over pay...then again who does. I'm thinking $125-150 full retail. Of course I would have to pay less....
Sorry for the Grainy pics but it is all I have. Trying to upload the badge picture and it may take a bit.

It's all about the Tanklights!!

How did I run out of room so fast?
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May 5, 2014
Mesa, AZ
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Murray was a manufactuer and elgin was sears brand name. Elgins could be manufactured by different makers like Murray or westfield and probably others. I couldn't tell you for sure who the maker of this is. If I had to take a guess id say westfeild.