Der Rote Baron - Felt Red Baron

Oct 31, 2008
San Diego County
I have finally finished my first build off bike after 6 years on the forum. This is by no means a complete custom bike like some of the other builds, but a lot of ideas crossed my mind seeing some of those other awesome custom builds. I won't name any because there are way too many to list. In all honesty anyone building and completing a build has already done a great job and has contributed to this site and has kept this site alive. Thanks @RatRod for building this community.

Here is my put together Red Baron:

If you would like to get bored with details please read on:
My bike started with a stock 2nd generation Felt Red Baron. I liked this color scheme the way it was stock, but I always wanted to do something different to it. In all reality I wanted to build a board tracker out of this bike, but I already had a lot of extra parts laying around that I felt needed to be used. So here is what I came up with:

1) Stock felt frame with chainguard and wheels
2) Felt Abraham linkage fork
2) Converted the rear wheel to a 3-speed nexus hub (Thanks @Tater for the parts)
3) Installed the suicide shifter on the frame and ran the cable away from the frame
4) Brooks Aged Flyer
5) 2010 Felt New Belgium handlebars and grips with caps painted black
6) Felt Berm Master 24x3" tires
7) Felt Hot wheels 68 (BMX style) Pedals
8) KMC 710SL
9) Harley-Davidson light visor mounted on fork (Decoration I guess:cool:)
Link to more photos:
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Apr 14, 2015
Awesome bike man love it that's my style . Great job I'm not big on red but it looks great on that bike I would ride it proud!!!! So are those really 24" tires ?

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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Your build has great aesthetics! Great work on the color combo, love the big knarly tires, everything looks like it fits! And you final photo location....makes it look like your Baron has conquered the city and climbed the mountain! Good work.
Jan 23, 2011
Sweeeet. I like this bike. Take some more pics man. Ya have plenty of time.

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Oct 10, 2014
Loving your "fender"!:rofl: Nice build. It is cool to see so many red bikes this year.
Apr 18, 2015
central ohio
Dig this bike,as I said before it reminds me of my dad.
Wish I could've found a pic of his ultralight to compare the two.
Job well done.