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Discussion in 'BUILD OFF 7 BIKES' started by Rat Rod, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Rat Rod

    Rat Rod Owner & Founder Head Honcho Moderator

    Dec 31, 1969
    Here's your chance to build the ultimate Rat Rod Bike.

    Follow the rules below and have fun! We're keepin' this thing pretty loose so don't get yourself in a knot. :shock:

    Participants should use their thread as a journal including write ups and photos.

    1. You can only enter one bike in the build off (can change bikes once if needed)
    2. Start a new post and use the bike name as the Subject.
    3. Must use factory frame....no altering of original frame structure/geometry
    (grinding off fender tabs and cutting seat tube height is okay, just no major frame design changes).
    4. Bike must not already be built.
    5. Must include before, progress, and after photos (all in one thread please)
    6. Bike must be ridable.
    7. Use any parts you like....mo rat = mo bettah!
    8. Parts can be attached any way you wish (includes welding).
    9. Paint must be applied by builder...pinstripping by someone else is acceptable.
    10. Don't ask a bunch of goofy questions trying to get around the rules...just build a cool bike and have fun.
    11. KEEP IT CHEAP...remember...IT'S A RAT ROD!!!!

    You must post your completed bike in the "FINISHED RRBBO7" forum
    by 9:00 p.m. CST, August 6, 2012.


    Now get ta buildin'!
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