Bare Metal Electra - The Porteur

May 18, 2008
Blue Mountains, Australia
This is my bare alloy Electra Custom, inspired by European porteur style bikes. The original build was much more along the lines of a dragster, however I decided to build a bike I could carry picnic food on during rides with my wife.

Highlights include:
* Bare metal brushed alloy frame, matching brushed bell
* Brooks saddle and grips
* Polished alloy rack with integrated vintage bullet headlight
* Timber tank inserts with hand painted sign writing

Build thread

Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Oh whoa! Really like that crate on the front rack! Gives it a whole new vibe!
Your headlight placement is perfect. Love the color accents to the bare frame. Nice work on the tank insert as well! Production quality bike....:thumbsup: