Autumnic Dog

I missed last years BO9 and wished I hadn't as I had so much fun in BO8, so I am in again this year. Though I have only built musclebike-rats in the past, it really isn't practical for a 6'1", 265lb man to be pedalling around on a 20" bike (think a bear on a unicycle), so I have been accumulating 26" parts for the past few years to build a nice single speed cruiser for myself. I may not finish as I work a tonne, and when I'm not working I try to spend time with my beautiful wife and 2 year old son, but I'm going to give it a shot. The plan is to strip the paint off the frame and forks and do a copper/red combo colour scheme. The build itself is going to be very basic as I have slowly gathered each part in mind for this one build. The head tube will have to be cut down 1/4" inch to accommodate the fork properly, and the fork/dropouts will have to be tinkered with to fit the wheels. Other than that, all I need is some pedals, a chain, and a heavy-duty layback seatpost which I plan to purchase from slowriderz.

It's the Colson (Firestone Flying Ace) frame I bought from Bri-in-RI last year. Yeah I really love George Clinton, Parliament, The P-Funk Allstars, etc. and was lucky enough to see him live a few years back at this awesome bar I worked at I took the night off and danced my assets off. It's still one of the best shows I've ever seen.
I recently had my puter crash and have just got a new (used) laptop from a friend so I'm not sure how many programs I have to reinstall to make things work correctly as I can't seem to upload my phone pics to the computer to put on photobucket. Either way I am going to try copy and paste from facebook and hope it works. Anyway, I did a tiny bit of work on my build and am happy to announce that I won't have to cut the headtube down, but I have run into a few other issues. The sprocket I have doesn't fit my crank arm, and neither does the only other spare non-skiptooth sprocket I have laying around. I did grind down the openings to the forks and truss rods to acomodate the wheelset and now have a rolling chassis.
May 5, 2014
Mesa, AZ
Just picked up one of these frames. One of my favorites! Glad you were able to continue your build with out cutting that headtube.
Just ordered a layback seat post from slowriderz, so that'll really help the build. I'm not sure if it's possible but I may try to drill a second hole in the sprocket so I can still use it, and that way I won't have to spend more $$ on the build than I have to. After that I'll just need pedals and a chain, then I can disassemble it and paint it before piecing it back together
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So I have gotten next-to-nothing done on my ride recently. Actually the only progress I've made is drilling another hole in my spare sprocket to fit the I didn't want to ruin the CCM sprocket, so I'm going with plan B. I expect to get a lot more done once my seat post from RRB member slowriderz arrives. After that I will be able to almost fully piece together Autumnic Dog and see if there's any tinkering I need to do before stripping and painting. That being said, I may leave it unpainted for the time being so that I have it available to ride to this event
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So I got my layback seat post from slowriderz, but due to my haste I had ordered one with the wrong angle and realized that it wouldn't work for the look I want, therefore I went ahead and ordered the right post. It should arrive sometime soon so I'll have almost everything I need to finish. Today I received these cake toppers.

I used a little ingenuity (drill and hot glue gun) and turned these badboys into some valve caps for Autumnic Dog.