Additions to the Stable...Temporarily!

Dec 29, 2009
Greenville, NC USA
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A friend contacted me about several bikes he has found at a yard/estate sale a while back. He sent pics and he helped me get the deal done.

Fast forward to this weekend, I now have them in my possession.

Columbia-built Westfield Custom Deluxe - thinking its around 1953... Anyone have a tank and/or truss bars?

Columbia Thunderbolt - really good survivor condition...twin headlights!

Schwinn-built Excelsior - skiptooth, which puts it no earlier than 1953?. really similar to my 1940 "The World" Schwinn

Seventies K-Mart All-Pro - Pedals are toast, needs a seat or recovering.

I'll be cleaning these up and getting them ready for new homes. I have someone interested in the Firebolt and All-Pro...just have to put a price on them. His reaction determines if they'll end up in the classifieds or not.
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