'57 Schwinn "Krunk Junk" New shoes

Well guys I hate to disappoint but I will be sitting this build off out after all and focusing on family issues, my mother had a massive heart attack yesterday and had to undergo surgery to remove 2 blockages and put in two stints in her heart so she is in the hospital for the next 3 days for observation then after I will be caring for her so no build off for me this year. I do look forward to seeing all you guy's creativity this year though. Maybe next year guys.
Jul 17, 2012
Qld, Australia
You are concentrating your energies where they should be.
Hope your mum bounces back. If you need it don't forget there is a family here to lean on or whatever helps.
You guys are the best, it's been a rough week getting everything with the house up to Indiana code, tearing the shed down, getting all that hauled off and getting the van moved on to concrete and now my mom's heart attack so it's been really hectic. And I just got a letter from the city complaining about scrap metal in the yard that was hauled off the morning after the shed was torn down... Got to call them tomorrow and tell them they are stupid and get that figured out too.
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Shame the bike is out but family must come first. I hope she makes a full recovery.

If and when you get to the bike, I will be following, this was one build I was really looking forward to seeing.

Just depending how she does I might be able to jump in the build off late and get finished on time. I have build bikes in a week so it's still a possibility.
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Mar 5, 2014
You are doing the right thing....makes me appreciate my 87 year old bike-riding mom.
Can't replace that connection with anything.
Aug 14, 2013
Man I totally hear where you are coming from. I went thru 15 years of heart issues with my dad. He had over 10 heart attacks before he finally gave up the fight.

Be there for your mom, that's important. But remember that when you need to get your mind off the stress, building a bike is a good way to do it.


Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
Very sorry to hear the news the news about your mom. Sending prayers her way for a strong recovery. These silly bikes and build off will be here when you need them. Just concentrate on the important stuff right now. You know that your RRB family is thinking of you and yours. God Bless!