56T: Finished (with new pics)

May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Well I'm in

Glad to be a part of my 4th build off
and looking forward to all the cool builds, camaraderie and humor again this year:)

Here are my past builds:
RBBoff6 Hot Rod Liner, still riding this one as much as possible

RBBoff7 Jacked Up Pilot , My attempt at a Rat Rod bike (using gun bluing and Biggest&Littles)

RBBoff8 Shelby Path Racer, Finally the way I like now (Bare Metal and fast)

So now for something completely different...
As I get my 2004 GTO ready to sell (my first new car),
Thought about my Dad's first new car: A two tone 56 Chevy (he had good taste:))
(A similar car courtesy of Barrett Jackson site)

So I bought this mid 60's Hawthorne a few years ago, it was my first tank bike
It's sat around too long and I'm trying to get some bikes built this year..

Found some seafoam green rims and after some of the really cool full fendered bikes last year
Decided I'd sharpen my painting skills and build a cruiser to ride to DQ with FIL;)
Not going to try and make the bike look like his 56 Chevy
but if I could have parked it by his car, they would have looked good together

Still have to take a pile of parts picture (and yes I'll but handle bars and seat on it LOL)
and I've got at least 4 other bikes to build in the same time frame :eek:
but I'd like to dedicate this build to my Dad, now 10 years gone.

Thanks for looking
Jan 6, 2013
I sold my 2004 GTO, it was the worst mistake I ever made. I loved that car. just took a look at your starting bike and I just bought the same bike in the same color missing the same part of the light.
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Jan 21, 2011
Benton, KS
Sure to be cool Steve! I had two of those hawthornes, One is my son's rat, the other we built for his wife, so technically still in the family. Our taste in frames is so similar, it's scary! Yours always end up faster & more practical than mine though. I'll be watching & learning on this one.
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May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Thanks Mazda Flyer, I hope I can pull the color scheme off
Jats, its a tribute bike to the best Dad in the world ;)
Thanks Terry! :)
Thanks Luke, looking forward to seeing your gigantic BMX ;)
Thanks KingSting, this one's going to have a few extras on it

Thanks BRW! I liked the stance of JUP too
Randy, I can believe it the way you always have stylin' rims :)
Thanks GSC!
I'm looking forward to some pain on a build off bike for me too IIFIFM and CCR LOL

Yeah Aratman, I will probably miss my GTO too, but it's time to say goodbye for me, only put 2500 miles in 2.5 years :confused: You know, I think some of these tanks didn't have lights. I couldn't figure out how it was suppose to go. Then Chips Mahoy and me were discussing this a while back and his didn't have light either. Here is a pic of his (thanks Chip!)

Thanks TVC! Are you in yet? I'll be looking...
Youthgeye, I plan to make this one go slowww or at least FIL's pace. All the bikes I have either go faster or slower than him so I'm going to match this one up. ;)

Thanks KF! :) Good names but I think I got one now...
Pick, it crazy amazing how we do that LOL
I kinda want to have bug eye lights like your very cool tank, I'll see if I can pull something off

Okay, so I really just got my parts in a pile so far :confused::confused:

The rack is too short but I want to use it for something because it looks a lot like a 56 tailfin
I'm using the wider fenders off my twin straight bar schwinn
Found a fork that will fit perfect and except the wider fender (and it's lugged)
Want to use a laid back seat post and this one won't work simply so...
Handle bars and stem from my CWC
Learn my lesson with high rolling resistance tires (Solanas and Hank)
so I'm going to paint the white walls on to my favorite tires (City Slickers 26x 1.95)

I've got 3 bikes to work on first (Tune up Little Guy's Mom's bike, Triangle Roadmaster and the Royce Union for selling at the swap meet) then I'll get serious but my build. I learned a lot from painting LG's Mag Ray so I hope I can avoid a few of those mistakes :eek:

BTW, I finally have a name "56T"
56 for my Dad's '56 Chevy and
6T for Two Tone Twin Top Tube Tribute LOL

Everybody's builds are really incredible again this year!!!
Fun, Fun, Fun!

Thanks for Looking