1989 Cannondale Road Bike

Jul 27, 2013
North Georgia
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Stopped in at the local thrift shop (Goodwill-type place) just to poke around and ran across this beauty. 1989 Cannondale 3.0 12 speed road bike with aluminum frame and Suntour components. Sticker price of $18.00.
I'm not a road bike guy but just couldn't pass up a deal like that. The cashier said a guy had brought it in about an hour earlier and said it was tuned up and ready to ride.
No work required on this so I'm planning to flip it on CL.
Anyone here have experience with these that can give me some idea of asking price? Not looking to get rich, but a quick flip would put some needed jangle back in my pocket!
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Dec 21, 2013
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I think I had the generation frame prior to this one, mine was actually called a criterium series frame, in blueberry, with yellow accents. Great race bike, lousy riding/training bike. never should have gotten rid of it.