1936 Rollfast Rat Rod Survivor Build

Feb 6, 2016
London, UK
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So I finally managed to sort out the head tube. I had to buy two sealed bearings that went into the head tube, then used the existing two as well, so it has four bearings. I still need to add a slim spacer as there is minute wobble. I also need to get a skip tooth crank and chain, pedals, seat post clamp. The lock (works perfectly) is NOS from a man who worked at Raleigh in the early fifties (he's 90).

The forks are AMF Avenger 1970s.

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Aug 25, 2012
Montréal Canada (Québec)
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Man the fork and handle bars are way cool ! i am in love ! :inlove::heart::43:
fork is aluminum ? or sand blasted steel ? can't quite tell from here
i need to build some of them in the future :)