12 volt electric system

Jun 9, 2017
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Well my bike is almost finished just need to buy the last few pieces such as motor, saddle, hotrod engine parts and that's about it.

Well I am wanting to run some vintage tail light and headlight, I wanted to buy something in good shape but used as I am going to gut it and use LED strip lights for illumination, my original goal was to run 12V dc led strip lights and have it powered by a single 9V battery in each light housing.

Then I found the following on Ebay after some people on the forum I am on recommended it as being a dependable and good generator for 12V vs using the ignition magneto for 12V which causes weak spark.


So I am going to run this and I found out this here produces 12V AC not DC so I cant run LED lights without using some kind of rectifier.

Well I was looking into some 2 stroke analog tachometers that goes up to 10,000 rpm min. Well I came across these Voltage Regulator/Rectifier. Some have 5 wires, some 6 wires and some 4 wires. Based off what I understand as of now I would need a 4 wire one, this would be two input wires for the 12V AC and then two wire outputs for 12V hot and ground. Problem is though I am maybe not thinking right on this but I just think its wrong but with the one wire AC 12V generator if I get a four wire voltage regulator/rectifier like below.


I just simply hook the AC input wire one to the red wire from the 12v generator and run the other wire into the engine case and bolt it down to the generator housing via one mounting bolt correct? Then for my lights all I have to do is simply run the 12V positive wire to my lights and run the ground from the lights back to the regulator/rectifier and I am finished.

If that is how this works I am still new to this, I am a car person and I do hot rod stuff on cars but this is a learning curve that I am still learning so if anyone has any recommendations on what kind of 4 wire voltage regulator/rectifier to run that would give me the best performance I am all ears.

I wont be running a battery as this electrical circuit is for headlight/tail light and maybe a brake light if I do some modification to wire in a momentary switch for brake lights. If I end up getting that tach with through led lighting I might use it for lighting that up as well but I would have to find a matching speedometer that will fit my speedometer cable that has back lighting as well.

In the end if anyone has any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it. I'm slowly wandering around on the internet doing searches and reading up but still haven't got enough information to make a proper informed decision.