RRBBO13 ♥︎ Blackheart ♥︎

The sack tank is super!!! Maybe make up some Blackheart sack art and stencil it on the sack tank with black spray paint?
Yeah, I did think of that kind of thing myself... thanks for reminding me. So I did some photoshops just now to see what I could come up with...





Not sure what I think at the moment... my brain is still foggy with the 'man flu'. :39: Think I like the last one, but of course it'd be the hardest one to do. :rolleyes: Might leave it for now and just focus on the little things left to do to get it 'B.O. finished'.

Agree. Last one, but at more of an angle so it looks like you just grabbed whatever sack you could find and whacked it on rather than trying to line it up.

I wish I'd done something similar to the seat cover I did, but I used a protectant spray on it before I realised. The print probably wont stick now.
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Aug 31, 2009
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I agree with getting the other bits done first.
How about this for a easy finish line compromise. Just cut a heart out of more of the sack cloth about the size of the heart in the last pic. Roughly dye or paint it black so it has that faded look. Then pin or loosely stitch the black heart to the sack tank. No lettering anywhere.

Maybe something similar on the saddle too.
Well, It's the 1st of August here and I was rushing today to get things done so I could get photos and get it submitted by deadline, because the deadline's the 1st... right o_O

"Wait a minute, it's Wednesday, doesn't the build off finish on a Monday" I thought to myself. :39:

So I checked again and sure enough, deadline's the 6th... boy, do I feel silly :blush:

I blame the man flu :rolleyes:

Anyway, I tidied up the shifter.


The bits...


The clear knobby bit on the top was a lucky find on the footpath when taking a walk a few months ago.

I also took the lights from the Ladies Raleigh I got some time ago and fitted them to this...



I don't have a dynamo to use with it though so might not get it to work. The Raleigh has a dynamo in the rear hub. I do have a battery pack that I could use and have a cunning plan to hide it :bandit:

I might even have time to do the stencil work now :nerd:

Apr 14, 2015
Looks cool the burlap is a nice contrast . Are you still going to add the black heart logo ?

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Love it. How’s the sack cloth on the hands as grips?
Well it's not soft and cushy... but I find it ok.

Looks cool the burlap is a nice contrast . Are you still going to add the black heart logo ?
I'm going to get the design printed on some card today and see if I can cut it out well enough with an x-acto blade, then I'll test on an sack offcut. All going well, I'll paint on the logo and take new photos.

The bonus week is working in your favor!

Been learning this song for a gig tomorrow night and thought of you...
Sure is.


This bike actually rides really well. It's the first bike I've had in years that I can ride hands-free... not that I ever do that of course... that would be dangerous... and if I ever catch any of you doing it, you'll get a severe telling off :bigboss:

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