RRBBO13 ♥︎ Blackheart ♥︎

Did you ever get more welding wire yet?
Yes, got it while back and loaded it up just the other day. Done the welding, but:blush:... it's been a bit cold and wet here lately... and I've kind of lost interest... which always happens to me... loose interest in things at the slightest hint of something else to do.... or if the temperature drops below 10ºC. Not that I've been doing anything else... just keeping warm. Let's face it... I'm just lazy. :p

Probably faster to have someone send you some,than wait for the shop to resupply. After all it is NZ.:grin: Sheep walk faster than the locals...

This is coming along. I gen use heat when nothing comes apart,if you dont have a mapp torch,you can use the welder. I just weld in the same spot until it is cherry red then undo them. And just grind off the weld...Saves beating and waiting.
:21::rofl::giggle: You've obviously visited NZ.

Not sure what the rest of your message refers to... if it's the stuck crank, I got that sorted after a bit of pedal amputation. Or perhaps you're psychic and can forsee another problem I'm going to have. o_O

Looking forward to seeing this one done.

Sending warm thoughts... If you can figure out how, you can take 10C from our 41C temp here....
o_O Did I say 10ºC ? ... I meant 15. 15 to 25ºC... that's the butter zone for me... not too cold at 15 and not too hot at 25. :nod:

But 41!... :13:now that's just ridiculously hot. I blame the silly Earth axis tilt. :bigboss: Earth needs to straighten up so we can all have a nice even temperature all year round.
Ok... well as I said previously, I've very much lost interest in this build. I'm actually more interested in what others are doing. :rolleyes:

But anyway, I have done something. :nod:

Laced the wheels and sprayed on some black paint...


Will need another coat though.

I also got the frame and forks primed...



So yeah... that should keep that dreaded Stalin image out of my build thread.:aggressive:

Moving right along then.

I removed the old BB cups and replaced them with better ones...


I've also sprayed the frame with some black paint and done some 'test' assembly...



The seat and bars are just on there so that I can stand it upside-down to work on... don't have a work stand :rolleyes:

I'm not a fan of the silver reflective stripe on the Fat Franks but they fit in the fenders well, even though the front fender is a bit bent... should be able to straighten it though :nod:

I did a bit more :nod:

First, I gave it the sack :giggle:

Wrapped the bars and a seat with sackcloth...



Also attached the shifter...


Doesn't look that pretty but it's nothing a bit of sack can't fix :nerd:

So I took it for a test ride and guess what? It works :dance2:

I know, I know... you're all like "where's the ride video?" and "no photo so it didn't happen!". Sheesh... quit complaining :rolleyes:

I'm considering a repaint on the frame... to try to match the fender patina. But I'm just not sure how to get the flaky, lumpy, rust-under-the-paint look that the fenders have... and time's running out... so maybe not.


Maybe I can't see it well enough in the photos, but I really like the way glossy black looks with the matte rusty fenders.
Yeah, perhaps you're right... plus it looks a bit better with some more sack added in the 'tank space'. :nerd:



Also, I think working in the cold of the garage with the wind whipping in has given me the dreaded man flu :cry:

So I think I'll just leave it for now paint wise and finish up. Really need to get a nice old light or hood emblem for that space in front of the bars though :39: