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Jan 7, 2015
Upper Michigan
Cool cherry bomb! I was a big fan of the Runaways in the late seventies and your project would make them girls proud.

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I decided to make sure the back mudguard/fender fits without hitting the new seat tube...


Just millimeters to spare :whew:

Then I suddenly thought that I hadn't checked if the fat frank tyres would fit the 'guards and put one in the front 'guard. I don't think it will :cry:. Can someone tell me the width of an inflated fat frank?

I also realised that I'm going to need spokes and they are so expensive :20:, so I might end up scavenging some spokes and tyres off my unfinished 'Quadruped' build. :wondering:


Well, the local Bunnings hardware shop is out of welding wire, so while I wait for them to restock, I painted the rear hub black...


I masked off the "SRC3" so that any future owner of it will know what it is... and because I'd probably forget myself. Looks pretty good I reckon.

Also, @Endlesschain has kindly provided me with some spokes so I think I'll have enough to lace the wheels. :whew:

Apr 4, 2018
Verdun - France
Hi Glen,
I've just checked on my Basman : Fat Frank width is 65 millimeters, or 2.56 inches.
They're fitted on 47 mm width rims (1.87 in).

Hope it will help you ;)
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Jan 2, 2012
Probably faster to have someone send you some,than wait for the shop to resupply. After all it is NZ.:grin: Sheep walk faster than the locals...

This is coming along. I gen use heat when nothing comes apart,if you dont have a mapp torch,you can use the welder. I just weld in the same spot until it is cherry red then undo them. And just grind off the weld...Saves beating and waiting.
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