Jan 2, 2012
Oops, :oops: guess I should've said "We are cheering you on!" :21:
It's yr lil quirky jokes,they made me spur on.... I know I have started 4 times to build to end up with nothing in the end. Life has just thrown me a bone in the wrong direction. I must say, now that I think back when I had no work or a pot to p---- in.(greek market crash) I had all the time in the world...
Working on getting back thr.
Jan 2, 2012
Today I finished welding the frame. Yeah!
Up next is fill,sand and primer.

Last night at midnight I started working on the saddle.
Going with a old lepper primus saddle from Germany.
Cost like $20 a few years ago,fits the build perfectly.

Needed some TLC,so I scraped it with a wire brush and sanded by hand until I it had a nice velvet feel about it.

Then rubbed in a thick amount of mink oil

And wrapped in cling wrap so it would not dry out to quick.
Jan 2, 2012
Grabbed my little box of goodies out of a dark corner.

The grips i hope to use.

The headlight.

The tail light

The rack bag,I think I will use the single one...
These are old ammo cases.

Last few days been working at a slow pace.
But managed to fill,sand,prime and spray black.
I found a metallic black but once I sprayed it,came out dark grey...
Was not the look I was after.

Inbetween all this we had rain.??? What yes we have never had rain in the middle of summer here. So I had to respray everything. I also did the spring and while it was wet,dropped it in the dirt. DOH!!!
Now I need to varnish all.
Working on the rear gears,need to make a 4 gear out of a 6 or 5 gear.
A rack
Finish the fiberglassing
Handlebars and stem.
Top of tank.
Shocks and a few smaller things.
Jan 2, 2012
Yesterday I ploughed right into the build.
I felt like I had some progress. Then the frame fell off the .A few marks on the patina,will touch them up at last minute now.
Like one step forward 2 steps back.:D

kingfish254 this one is for you.

So I have been pulling gears apart and finding different ratios. We have hills here,so I want the pedaling to be easy so I mixed up a 6speed gear to a 4 speed(the shifter is only set up for a 4). I am using a mega range to start with.

I needed to pull the gear outwards so that the chain does not rub onto the shocks( I might need to run a chain guide somewhere.)
So just grinded one gear down.
If the gears are to easy,I can always make them higher.
Cleaned and painted.
And yes I know,gloves,but I cant work with them.

A little sneak peak.
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