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  1. restodave

    foose bike on ebay

    He apparently had a deal with Micargi too, although this doesn't look like any of the Micargi bikes I have seen.
  2. restodave

    Gota love a chain wheel with spokes!!

    I did a little googling. It uses a Stronglight 49 crank which has a very small bolt circle that holds the spider in place. The spider would have been replaced with custom machined flanges. It looks fantastic but I agree with everyone else regarding it's practicality.
  3. restodave

    UnFair Lady

    Fink it! Is it too late to stick a 3 foot tall shifter on it?
  4. restodave


    I see one on the road near me occasionally. I hate it, it can't travel in a straight line, it weaves back and forth a foot or so with every stroke. It's a little unnerving to try to pass safely.
  5. restodave


    I'm probably late too but I found these banjo fittings on ebay. The are like the fittings @HuffnPuff posted. The are compatible a number of different brakes according to the vendor.
  6. restodave

    Deere John

    Yellow never covers very well, especially gloss yellow. A wet coat of the gloss tends to pull away from edges letting the base color show through. As it stands you could try applying a couple of thin tack coats of the yellow over the current paint. Spray it from a distance so the paint goes on...
  7. restodave

    Coppertone Fastback: A Penny, Saved

    I just saw the guard, that's sweet, you can do this.
  8. restodave

    UnFair Lady

    OK, that looks like it would handle like a shopping cart.
  9. restodave

    Huffy Slangshot (formerly the Crusty Cougar)

    I'd go with the gold ones, on bottom right. That way front of the bike matches back of the seat.
  10. restodave

    Coppertone Fastback: A Penny, Saved

    It'll be OK. If anything, play up the roughness a little. Make it look like 53 years of use and curb rash. A dark wash, to highlight the scratches and shadows would probably help.
  11. restodave

    Top Fool

    It's been said before but your finishes are amazing, both the wheel and the shifter look incredible.
  12. restodave

    It's very blue

    Any idea what this is? It's posted locally for $125 CDN. The color is giving me pause but if it's a reasonable bike I might try to do something with it.
  13. restodave

    UnFair Lady

    I like this as a girls bike, I'd somehow mount a shortie chrome fender in tight with the front wheel and call it done. On the other hand, what you have done with your original convertible tank is pretty impressive so I'll keep watching.
  14. restodave

    "Dragst-Her Too"

    As a former plastic modeler I have worked with styrene sheet to build things. I bought it at hobby shops specializing in RC and plastic models.
  15. restodave

    '65 Stingray Nominal Basic

    Have you tried the Mr Clean Magic Eraser or similar or similar products? They work pretty well with plastics are only mildly abrasive.
  16. restodave

    Top Fool

    You may still need the tensioner. With the suspension pivot between your chainwheel and the jack shaft the length of your chain line will change as the swing arm moves. It's not going to change by a lot but I would check out your chain slack at maximum suspension deflection before you discard...
  17. restodave

    Northern Sun

    I took her all the way apart tonight. Given the age it really is in pretty good shape, I had to cut or break two screws to get the rear fender off and the bottom bracket bearing cages are wrecked. So far the parts I have had to add to this project are pretty minimal. I degreased and washed...
  18. restodave


    Looks sharp, I'd love to se the ride video though.
  19. restodave

    "Helen Wheels" : ...Farewell, Good 7

    It's like, and in many respects superior, to ArmourAll. The exterior plastics on my '03 Mustang look showroom fresh and I've been using 303 on it since it was new. I tend to use ArmourAll on my interior stuff and Formula 303 on exterior plastics, rubber, etc. It's pricey stuff, but a little...
  20. restodave

    Northern Sun

    Success! I managed to get the stem loose and started cleaning the struts using what I think remember as @OddJob's technique of scrubbing with aluminum foil dipped in salt water. Here's a before and after picture: The cleaning took me about 40 minutes and when I was all done I rewarded my...