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  1. Jpromo

    A quickie built from parts

    Parts I had laying around came together for a 0$ build. I wanted something I can bring on vacation to lake Michigan next week and not worry about like one of my nice originals. Also good for bombing around on my rocky dirt roads. A family member dropped off this ratty Murray Fleet Wing a few...
  2. Jpromo

    Front derailleur to a coaster brake?

    Has anybody does something like this? I'm assembling a quick klunker type bike to bring on vacation and not worry about bopping around in sand and leaving outside. I knew I wanted a coaster brake just to not worry about cables or anything hanging up when chucking it around and for simplicity's...
  3. Jpromo

    Fort Wayne Indiana 1st annual

    Anybody see this/attending? I really just want to go to a swap meet but 2½ hours might be a bit too far to drive for a new swap. Facebook event:
  4. Jpromo

    Better late than never! 10-speed Higgins

    Here's my urban klunker-type Higgins I just finished (but not quite finished). There are many wonderful entries this year! Had a couple pictures I was debating between but decided to go with a nice, tried and true shot that showed off the stance the best.
  5. Jpromo

    My first real build; Klunker/commuter-ish

    Well, I should have started a thread earlier but I've been collecting parts to make something like this for a while. My original plan was to make a true balloon klunker for bombing around my dirt roads on. Then I got this chrome, skinny 27" fork and was given a lightweight drum brake wheel so I...
  6. Jpromo

    I know a group of guys who may enjoy this auction item..

    Mary Lou asked for a riding lawnmower and by-golly did she get one!
  7. Jpromo

    Mid-80s Diamondback Sand Streak

    Cool cruiser/bmx/mtb crossover 5-speed in excellent condition. Owner said his family all went out one day and bought new bicycles together and this was his father's. Been ridden maybe 20 times since new and it looks about like it, just a little bit of scuffing on the chainguard decals. All...
  8. Jpromo

    1950's Schwinn Cycle Truck Find

    Man I would have been all over this too. Wonderful find. Perfect look to it and I love the graphic.
  9. Jpromo

    It's parked! '71 Kool Krusty Manty Ray FINISHED!!

    Emailed on this 6 minutes after it was posted. There was a little bump in the road when the seller called me when I was just about there and said he had several offers higher than his posted price but I showed up and ended up getting it for a price that was higher than the posting but lower than...
  10. Jpromo

    Sears what year?

    Christmas 1953! My guess at least.
  11. Jpromo

    Rural Rollfast

    Rode around my "neighborhood" a bit today and snapped a few shots. I think this was my favorite; the colors just seemed to compliment the rusty/maroon original paint.
  12. Jpromo

    Morrow hubs--rebuilding experience, anyone?

    Normally these coaster hubs are all pretty self explanatory but stripped apart a Morrow to clean and regrease, as I do on all my bike hubs, before reading about the difficulties involved in adjusting one when assembling again. Thus, adjusting the spring section (114, 116, 117, 120) of the...
  13. Jpromo

    Mattels and Elgins and Roadmasters oh my

    Well I made two craigslist runs South of the border this week--the Michigan/Ohio border that is...but I picked up some goodies. First was a '64ish Mattel Stallion which I've already gone through with new tires, grease, and tubes. Cleaned off most of the chrome and took for a spin around the dirt...
  14. Jpromo

    Newish to the bike world in MI

    Hello my name is Jason.. 22 years of age, residing near Ann Arbor, MI. like I said, I'm newish to this hobby. About 5 months in and there are already about 14 bikes in my garage. I've been on the Cabe and just discovered that this forum isn't all about rat rods as I'm more of an original kind of...